Pressostatic covers

It is the solution to cover small spaces up to entire football fields

The pressostatic roof, or as some people call it, the "balloon", is an avant-garde solution. It can be installed anywhere and is known and appreciated throughout Europe for its ease of assembly and disassembly, and can cover large spaces at very low costs compared to traditional constructions, by adding layers of membranes and inserting air cushions, very low KT values can be obtained, ranging from 5.9 Wm2 for a single membrane, to 2.9 for a simple double membrane, to 2.2 Wm2 for a special double membrane, to 1.7Wm2 for a triple membrane, to 1.3Wm2 for a quadruple membrane. The solution of covering a sports activity with a pressostatic balloon is the most economical solution.


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Single, double, triple and quadruple membrane.

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